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RB Renegade
Artist Information
Artist Info:
About RB Renegade
RB was born, adopted, and raised in Toronto, Canada. His music education began in elementary school when he played baritone in the school band and started private guitar and saxophone lessons. In high school he continued playing in the school band (trombone and saxophone) and also performed with a Dixieland-style band at local homes for the aged.

High school was also his first introduction to music theory and composition. His Grade 9 English teacher (Mrs. Robinson) inspired him to write poetry which led to early attempts at songwriting. He formed my first band (the Cobra's) and performed at house parties and school dances. In the 1980�S he started performing on a regular basis in local venues and in various Radio station-sponsored talent competitions.

In 1996 he moved to the United States where he met his biggest fan, supporter, and inspiration � wife, Shari. They married in 2000 and purchased a house in 2002 that they share with their two Scottish Terriers, Maggie and Toby. He also joined regional country music associations and plays at their sponsored events. As an adoptee he never knew his birth roots. That all changed in 2008 when he was introduced to his birth relatives for the first time. Unfortunately, his birth mother was deceased, but this event provided the inspiration for the song �One of Seven Feathers�.

Given the opportunity record this song as a tribute to his birth mother and her family also opened the door for the opportunity to record some more of his own music and release a debut CD entitled �Finding My Way�.

In 2010 RB released a follow-up CD entitled "Second Time Around", ten new and original songs. In 2011 RB took a slightly different patch by recording a couple of cover songs including his own version of "Hurt" and re-mixing one of his own. The CD entitled "RENEGADE" was releeased in 2011.
Audio Projects
Finding My Way
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Second Time Around
Purchase entire CD Price is: $9.99
Purchase entire CD Price is: $6.99