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Artist Info:
About Teresa
I’m humble to the will of God. I have know since I was a child that I had a gift to sing and that one day I be to this point in my life. The Lord has restored my life from a hopeless past to a bright future full of love and a song in my heart.

My experience includes singing in schools and various church. Over the years, I’ve hosted monthly Gospel events and sung with several bands though I have no formal musical background. God is the true source of my singing abilities and I give Him all the credit of bringing me to this point of creating this CD. My husband encouraged me to record a demo and send it into Tate music group and God opened the door for me and I feel so blessed that I have this opportunity to minister in song and spread His message through song.

My prayer with my release “He’s Got Big Hands,” is that God uses me in extraordinary ways for His Glory.

My album is signed with Tate Music Group, a major music label dedicated to working with aspiring artists and giving their music the best chance in the marketplace. If you’ve ever thought about producing an album, you should visit Tate Music Group.
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