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Darryl Stanton
Artist Information
Artist Info:
About Darryl Stanton
When I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma which is Bone Cancer on May 26,2012. I was referred to the Cancer Care Center in Fort Worth Texas for Chemotherapy and Cancer Care Center referred me to Cancer Care Services where I met Toni Hooten and we began to talk. She asked me what are my goals and dreams. One of my goals was to do a CD project and Toni said that she would help me with that project.

Toni made contact with one of her High School friends who owns a studio and his name is Bart Rose at the Fort Worth Sound Studio. Toni shared with Bart about my illness and what was one of my dreams & goals and he was excited to help me so he donated his studio time for me to do the CD Project. Bart called me and asked me what musicians did I need so I told him and he contacted some great musicians and thats how the CD project came about.

The musicians and I came together on Feb 26,2013 at 6pm. They were all excited to do this project and none of them knew each other, this day was the first day that all of us met each other for the very 1st time. Two of the musicians wives are Cancer Survivors to God be the Glory. God blessed us to finish this single project within 3hrs.

The name of this single is "Jazz In The Wind."

I want to say Thanks to God and to my wife Jana Stanton and my mother Vern Stanton and to all who made this dream come true.

God Bless You
Darryl Stanton
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Jazz In The Wind
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Jazz In The Wind